Startup Consultancy

You need a mentor to direct you through the legal procedures when you seed creative ideas and establish enterprises

We can be your strategic partner in drawing up the development framework for you.

Right From The Seed

As your success partners, we effectively manage the critical key components for your startup. K. Raghu & Co. brings resources, procedures and expertise to help entrepreneurs in their infancy – performing back office operations as they focus on other key aspects of business. We mitigate and execute the complex business requirements of your entrepreneurial journey with our trusted expertise.

Financial accounting


Statutory compliances as required under various laws governing the entity Designing compensation structure

processing implementation of effective accounting and control procedures

A good product creates a value proposition

We guide to turn your enterprise into a role model for the industry, by assisting you in taking the most crucial decisions for your company. We at K. Raghu & Co. help you streamline your entire business by providing a host of professional services, which includes:

Identifying, planning, designing and implementing an appropriate market entry route

Financial Modeling – Creation of dynamic financial models for the business, incorporating all possible  factors that would impact the return and its associated risk

Regulatory compliance and approvals from Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), Reserve Bank of  India (RBI), Foreign Exchange Management Act (1956), Secretariat of Industrial Approval (SIA),  Registrar of  Companies (ROC) and other concerned authorities

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