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Looking For An Enterprise Upgradation?

We at K. Raghu & Co., will guide the management on a transition to a SAP environment and provide direct support for the FICO module.




We provide guidance to the management on implementing SAP, leveraging optimum benefits of SAP by providing guidance and direction on the organization structure, master data and appropriate reporting. Further, we have a 100% success rate in implementation of projects in terms of timelines, cost and with no post go-live issues as a project manager.



You engage an implementation partner for your ERP implementation. However, many implementations have not been successful due to lack of expert advice and guidance that is given to the management. We can help fill that space for you.



A pre-requisite to a good ERP implementation is a relook at business processes and documenting. When an organization implements SAP, it should not only look at the existing processes, but also plan for the processes 10 to 15 years later. We draw your business process flows and ensure that they are mapped to SAP appropriately.



As we monitor Financial Controls continuously, in the present world, all actions  have an IT implication. An organization should look at its technology stack and ensure controls are in place. They may be an ERP, access or any other associated controls.

We offer a deep value analysis of organizational workflows under various environments.


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